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Mastering My Actions in the New Year: Unveiling My 4-Step Technique for Success

As I enter the new year, I am fueled with the desire to be a better version of myself. I am Dr. MD, a Social Scientist, and I am excited to share with you a transformative four-step technique that promises to help you and me set and achieve our New Year resolutions. Let me guide you through the empowering steps that are designed to guarantee results, no matter what challenges we may face.

Step 1: Deciding on Our Destination

Our journey toward success begins with setting clear goals. I emphasize the significance of categorizing goals into three dimensions: long-term, midterm, and short-term. Long-term goals paint a grand vision for the next 20 to 30 years, defining how we want to be remembered. Without a vision, our brains might choose a random path for us. Midterm goals, focusing on the next four to five years, allow for flexibility and growth. This strategic approach sets the foundation for achieving success in all areas of our lives.

Step 2: Small-Step Goals

Breaking down short-term goals into daily activities is key to consistency. I suggest scheduling these tasks weekly, whether digitally or in a traditional organizer. Creating dedicated blocks of time is essential to prevent distractions and maintain focus. The goal is to balance achieving tasks and preserving our overall well-being. Small-step goals become a subcategory of short-term goals, impacting all three dimensions and fostering a habit of productivity.

Step 3: The Daily Debrief

Implementing a daily review of our schedule is crucial for self-awareness. I introduce the concept of the "Daily Debrief" to identify deviations from the plan. This introspective process helps us recognize the internal enemy—our moods and feelings—that often hinder our progress. By addressing these internal barriers, we empower ourselves to stay on course and achieve our desired outcomes.

Step 4: Our Journey with the Masters of Action Technique

When faced with a lack of motivation, I find solace in my "Masters of Action" technique—a four-step process to overcome resistance:

  • The Power of Do Nothing: Suspend all activities and remain idle at the scheduled time.

  • Unleashing the Power of the Present Moment: Become aware of our feelings and gently let go of internal resistance.

  • Invoking the ‘WHY’: Remind ourselves of the long-term reasons behind our actions.

  • Engaging: Go ahead and engage in the activity.

Mastering these steps leads to the automation of positive habits in our subconscious minds, ensuring we take required actions effortlessly.

Staying Connected and Accessing Free Resources!

I provide complimentary content to facilitate positive outcomes. Download the accompanying worksheet to enhance your journey and consider collaborating for deeper transformative work as you witness meaningful changes.

Embarking on this transformative journey, I feel cheered on by you as we manifest an uncommon reality. Stay tuned for more insightful encounters, and remember: We can keep our promises and resolutions; we can be different.

Author: Dr. MD

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