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Meet Dr. MD

Dr. MD Ahmed is a Guiness World Record Holder & the international author of the book "Hidden Secrets Of The Topper's Mind".

  • The Guinness World Record Holder (Display Of Mental Strength, Super-Learning, And Concentration Power).

  • Best-Rated Author (4.9 * Rating- Google Books).

  • Seminar Leader (50K families/year).

  • Masters Course in Psychotherapy (2.years).

  • DBA from Swiss School of Business &  Management, Geneva.

  • He has pursued specialized leadership courses from Wharton Business School- the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Colorado

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  • .5 Million Lives- Positively Impacted.

  • Life Strategist.

  • Accelerated Learning Super-Expert.

  • NewAge Sage.

  • President @ ModernEducationTrust.

  • Founder @ www.Fuel4Success.Com

  • Inventor Of Total Recall System & Flash Reading-  These Inventions Help Average Students Become Distinction Holders & Transform Distinction Holders Into Rank Holders.

  • Creator of NDC - Neuro Disciplined Conditioning (A Proprietary Method To Change Hard-Wired Habits & Behaviours).

  • Certified NLP Practitioner - National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic-Psychology, Florida, U.S.A.

  • NLP Master Practitioner.

  • Certified Accelerated Learning Expert. 

  • Pioneer Of The Fire Walking Movement In India! (Introduced firewalking as a part of self-help seminars.)

  • Poet.

  • Helped Students Failing In Exams, Crack Toughest Exams.

  • Helped People Thrive In Their Businesses & Personal Lives. 

  • Went From Struggling To Write An Essay (School Days) To Writing A Best-Rated Book.

  • Went From Travelling In Local Busses To Owning A Brand New BMW.

  • From Rented House To Owning 10 Residential Units In Bangalore.

  • Financially Broke To  Financially Secure Life In 3 Years.

  • Author Of “Hidden Secrets Of The Topper’s Mind”, An International Book Available In More Than A 100 Countries With 4.7 On Amazon.

  • Author of Focus, Confidence & Self-Discipline For Students. 

  • Trained & Mentored VPs & MDs Of Multinational Corporations, Top Govt. Officers, Doctors, Project Managers, Business People, Homemakers And Students.

My Purpose: To Give 

My Mission: In Life Is To Impart Profound Knowledge To More Than A Billion People, Regardless Of Race, Caste, Creed & Religion. 

My Motto: In Life Is- Love All, Serve All.

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