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9 Secrets For Stress-Free Living

Presented by MD Ahmed's

In this article, you'll learn how to emotionally de-clutter your life and magnetically pull the things you want closer to you.

1) Accept the problem

You have to be at peace with a problem while it exists for the solution to come to you. i.e., you have to accept yourself where you are, no matter what - you cannot solve any problem without first accepting it and yourself. We spend so much of our time trying to deny what has happened or deny a part of ourselves, pushing it away, which only leads to more of the problem appearing in your life. Very often, simply fully accepting the part of you that is creating the problem will be enough to have it disappear, as it is so used to being pushed away/rejected. Part of you is trying to send you a message; maybe it's time you listened.

2) You cannot attract to you if you're not already connected, so be an appreciator.

One of the fastest ways to attract what you want is to learn to appreciate the good in whatever situation life throws at you. Being an appreciator is essential because it is the closest vibrational match to the source and, therefore, the creation of what you want. Consequently, the more you operate at that frequency, the closer you are to the source, and the faster things manifest for you in the physical world. It is not necessary to verbalize your appreciation but to offer it. Appreciation is the antidote to some of the lowest forms of energy and emotions we can experience, e.g., shame, resentment, etc. By offering thanks and assuming that you already have what you seek, you immediately begin to attract more of it towards you, whether you have any of it or not.

3) Happiness is not pleasure

The experience of pleasure is in-the-moment, sensory-rich, and feelings experienced in person. Happiness is your meta-experience when thinking about something that pleases you. Happiness cannot be shared by the senses directly; only pleasure can. Focus your life on having more now-moment pleasure experiences, rather than accumulating reasons or things to be happy about.

4) Stay connected to the source

Find your way to stay connected to your higher consciousness (the feeling you). For many, this is meditation, music, song, etc. Why are we attracted to parks, water, nature, wildlife, and animals? We have awareness on some level that we are part of a much greater collected consciousness, something else, something higher than us. Some people may be partially disconnected from it, but you can never fully disconnect. Notice that the word emotion is e + motion. Notice that the concepts are so connected even on a linguistic level

Did you know that elephants are one of the very few creatures other than humans who cry tears of emotion? And when was the last time you saw an elephant running? They have adapted or have been given an ability to release emotions from tears in the same way humans do. People are attracted to sources because we recognize that's where we want to be. We want to have those feelings. We want to experience that energy because the energy, just by being in its presence, makes us feel better about ourselves.

5) Live in the moment

We only have access to our full personal power in the present moment. This is practicing the art; it's a habit to be developed, a life skill. The extent to which you can connect to the past or the future is the extent to which you rob yourself of your present power on any unconscious level. You will not be experiencing what you want; therefore, you are moving your emotional point of attraction into negative territory. Being in the present moment is the only way you can make an emotional connection to what you want, and therefore begin the process of it becoming attracted to you in future present moments.

This emotional alignment cannot be achieved when your thoughts are in the future or past. "But how much do I need to be in the present moment? I have all this stuff to do!" You must be in the present moment enough to have fully-loaded, pleasurable, and positive whole body feelings about what you want to attract in your life to begin the process of its automatic attraction to you. Living with your thoughts at a future or past moment in time is entirely redundant in the process of being free of stress and attracting what you want into your life.

6) You can never be enough to solve relationship problems

You can never be sorry enough to change this problem. Only when you love yourself that you have that love to radiate to others. Only when you allow the abundance to flow to you can you gift it to others. Giving your energy – in any form – to others, whether love, forgiveness, agreement, or any energy, is the fastest route to the emotional poorhouse when your cup is not already brimming over. If you want to help others, you must first help yourself. Others quickly see through empty gestures, compliments, or favors; such gestures only hide you from your own emotional impoverishment/malnutrition. They are not helpful and serve no purpose in enhancing your life or others'.

7) Be selfish enough to line up with your intentions

This is important because it is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer others. If your energy tank is not complete, you have no business looking after the tanks of others. It is vital to limit your responsibilities to prevent feelings like a lack of self-worth. Remain present and attend to your own needs first, and you will always give others your best, automatically.

8) You are not your accomplishments

Understand that you are not your accomplishments, what you do, what you don't do, your beliefs, your ideas, your stuff, or possessions; those are nothing to do with who you are. They are the baggage you have picked up along the way; they have nothing to do with the spiritual you who wants to feel good and stay connected to peace. Lose your ego, and take this attitude of freedom with you in your everyday life.

9) The journey is the destination

Many times our internal dialogue says, "If only I had x, then I would be happy, or, I'll be happy when I've got x." As you go into the world and experience the contrast of your likes and your dislikes, through your everyday experiences and a new want is born. Then comes the striving (which is usually a struggle) in the journey towards its manifestation, which contains all the stresses and strains you wish to rid yourself of.

Understand this: you'll never get it done because the journey itself towards your wants shows you new elements of contrast, new possibilities, new likes, and dislikes, etc., that change and alter your path. Thus your job here is not to get caught up in the result but to ensure you enjoy the journey along the way, regardless of your goal. Remember to ensure that your everyday journey contains the same underlying experiences, emotions, and full-body feelings that you seek from your end goal. The journey is the destination, so enjoy it.

Bringing it all together

So how do we overcome the various stress blocks to pull greater peace and abundance towards us? EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one way to release the emotional blocks of shoulds, musts, ought to's, anger, fear, resentment, and so on. Once the giant unconscious blocks have been resolved, your intentions, ambitions, passion will feel free-er to move towards you, automatically and effortlessly. Circumstances and people appear in your life from nowhere, and events begin aligning themselves to realize your passion as the universe conspires with you.


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