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WARNING: This One Time Offer Is Available For A Limited Time And Will Be Closing Soon.

Do You Want Your Child To Learn 

The 3 Foundational Keys To Academic Excellence?

Give Your Child The Gift Of Focus, Confidence & Self-Discipline

India's First Exclusively Designed, Foundational Home Study Course On Focus, Confidence & Self-Discipline For Students!

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✅ Revealed! 15 Minutes 'Everyday' Secret Excercise To Improve Focus!

✅ 20+ Steps You Can Take Today To Enhance Self-Confidence!

✅ Learn The Hidden 5-Step Formula To Develop Self-Discipline! 

Dear Student,

Are you taking the right action towards your goals every day?

Do you keep up with your timetable every single time?

Do you have a plan for your exam success?

Are you confident talking to your teachers, principal or that dashing personality in your class/school/college?

Is it simple for you to focus and concentrate 100% on your assignments and project work, especially when the exams are NOT around the corner?

Do people around you compliment you about your focusing abilities?

Do you attain every goal you set for yourself on time?

Do you find it easy to be self-disciplined when there are distractions around you?

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, this program is NOT for you... But wait! If you answered NO to these questions and your answers to the following questions are still NO, then you NEED this program.

Don't agonize, lose sleep over it or don't worry and feel bad.
You are NOT alone, there are millions of students just like you and that is the exact reason why we have created this home- study course for you. This is the most important foundational course on focus, confidence, and self-discipline for students

Main Highlights Of The Foundational Home-Study Course

  • What Is Focus For Students & How To Develop It.

  • The 15 Minute Secret Excercise To Increase Focus Towards Studies.

  • The 25 Ways You Can Start Using Immediately To Enhance Self-Confidence.

  • The 5 Step Secret Strategy To Develop Self-Discipline Towards Studies.


The Audio Format Of The Course delivered Using A High-End Interface Software.


The All-New Flip Version Of The Book To Help You Enjoy Your Reading.


A Downloadable Well-Designed Workbook That Helps You Extract More Benefits From The Course.


Read This Before Going ANY Further

From The Research Space Of Dr. MD Ahmed, DBA & Social Scientist.
Bangalore, IN

This home-study course teaches you the basic principles of focus, confidence, and self-discipline for students. 

These are the concepts our traditional education system forgot to teach our children. Hence, we are responsible for teaching these all-important concepts to help students become more focused on their goals and develop confidence and self-discipline. 

In this home-study program, I reveal my secret 15-minute daily exercise to increase focus on my studies. I also teach the 20+ confidence-building strategies to help your child become a more dynamic individual. The program concludes with the 5 steps hidden formula to develop self-discipline towards completing school/college and exam work.

Please Note: This is a foundational course that every student MUST undertake!

The regular price for this program is ₹9999/-
the offer price for a limited time
is only ₹3499 (inclusive of taxes).
The offer can close any time now! Hurry, enroll now.

✔ Focus, Confidence, and Self-Discipline For Students, you get

-  The All-New Flip Version Of The Book To Help You Enjoy Your Reading.

-  The Audio Format Of The Course.

- A Downloadable Well-Designed Workbook That Helps You Extract More Benefits From The Course.

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Wait! There's more!

When You Invest In:

When You Invest In "Focus, Confidence, And Self-Discipline For Students" Today (Just ₹3,499), I'll Give You my Rock-Solid Confidence Mind Conditioning Program worth ₹4,999/- ... For FREE!

Benefits of the 'Rock Solid Confidence' Program for Students:

  1. Unleash your inner potential and embrace unwavering confidence with our meticulously crafted mind conditioning program designed exclusively for students like you.

  2. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to an empowered, rock-solid self-assurance that will propel you toward academic success and beyond.

  3. Imagine a future where you walk into any classroom or exam with an unshakable belief in your abilities, knowing you've got what it takes to conquer any challenge.

  4. Don't let self-esteem hold you back any longer – invest in yourself today and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the confident, accomplished student you were meant to be.

  5. Join countless students who've experienced life-changing results – take the first step towards unlocking your limitless potential and securing a brighter, more confident future.

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