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 SuperKIDS SmartTEENS SharpParents Digital

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To Be The Best In The World, Learn From The Best In The World!


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Watch The Presentation On How  Your Child Can Work Smart Instead Of Hard...

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Here's the POWERFUL thing you need to understand about the SuperKIDS SmartTEENS program...

When You Learn From The Best, You Will Achieve the Best!

In the SuperKIDS SmartTEENS (Basic Level), you will learn a unique system of learning based on neuroscience, accelerated learning and self-development strategies. You will also learn how to activate the hidden potential within yourself. 

​Join the hundreds and thousands of students who have already enrolled in my courses.

​If you are committed towards your development, then we have a system that guarantees results.

​This course is seriously massive! You'll learn from more than 40 modules and 20+ hours of content.

​You have just witnessed the live masterclass (Online) on how to become a Super-Student and activate the genius within..( If not, we encourage you to do so.)


Few Highlights From The Upcoming Workshop:





In this session, you’ll be taught the King of Memory Techniques called MMS.

Using this technique a lot of our students have memorized hundreds of words in the right order and have broken a world record in memory power. You need not do that, but it’s surely good to know that you know the best memory technique and can break a world record if you wanted to.

Imagine, how it would be if you could memorize keywords in the right order from you paragraphs and chapters in a matter of minutes.

MMS can make you memorize literally hundreds of keywords. This session helps you to create Memory- Infrastructure inside your mind that enables you to memorize like a machine. You will be able to memorize keywords in the right, reverse and random order along with the corresponding number of the keyword before the class ends.


This is a practical technique that gives you on the spot results and also helps have a better recall in exams and break world records in the long run!


“I was a below average student, never thought I would crack IIT-JEE! It all happened because I learnt how to change my negative beliefs and in fact, I started to score 100/100 in mathematics after replacing my negative belief system with the topper’s belief system”

 - Huzaifa, APS, Bangalore.





This 6 Step Ultra-Fast Memory technique is designed to help you learn long answers in a single reading! It’s used for questions like: Functions, Roles, Uses, Benefits, Advantages/Disadvantages, Manufacturing Processes and Features of something.


“My son, Samarth, has scored 100% marks in physics and chemistry. The principal of his college is SHOCKED!!!”

- Mr. Balasubramanya, IT Engineer, Bangalore. His son studies in 2 PUC at Deeksha College, Bangalore





MD's proprietary smart study system allows you to study 4 hours material in 45 minutes. It’s a game changer that is designed to send your learning to the long term memory. Students have reported accelerated growth in their studies and have also claimed 100% retention and recall during tests! This is your golden ticket to academic success.



“First time I attended the preview seminar and didn’t really know that I would actually be this good but then after the four days of training I actually feel that physics and chemistry, the subjects which I don’t really like, have become easy to remember. Ahmed sir’s methods are really good and fun. People you seriously have to go forward and do this program” .

-Abira Zainab, St. Francis Xavier Girls School, Bangalore

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Benefits of SuperKIDS SmartTEENS SharpPARENTS:

  • ​Double your retention & recalling power.

  • ​Become massively successful in your academics/ career and everyday life.

  • ​Learn to become super-fast, sharper and an absolutely unstoppable power-house of achievement.

  • ​Learn the Mind-Secrets of success.

  • ​Learn how neuroscience can help you learn and store information like scientists and inventors.

  • Double your reading speed in 30 days (Available Separately)

  • ​Reduce stress and frustration.

  • ​Systematic Revision Plan-Your ticket to distinction.

  • Give up on junk food, trash TV and other bad habits. (Available Separately)

  • ​Learn anything at least 2-3 times faster.

  • ​Achieve higher exam scores.

  • ​Qualify for your dream job/career.

  • ​Improve your comprehension of subjects by activating particular areas of your brain.

  • ​Condition your mind to stop forgetting.

  • ​Remember all the names and relevant facts.

  • ​Have a quick recall in any situation.

  • ​Learn how to approach difficult subjects.

  • ​Handle criticism and negativity.

  • ​Learn how to study boring subjects.

Students Pouring Their Hearts Outs...

They Love What We Teach, You'll Fall In Love Very Soon!

YES! I Want Complete Access To

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Great Achiever's Package

✔️SMART STUDY System (₹ 35,000.00 Value)

✔️How To Study Boring & Difficult Subjects (₹5,000.00 Value)

​✔️What To Do Before, While & After Studying (₹3,000.00 Value)

​✔️How To Memorize Formulae, Equations & Derivatives (₹ 5,000.00 Value)

​✔️Traffic Signal Method To Study Like A PRO (₹3,000.00 Value)

✔️How To Make Creative Notes (₹6,000.00 Value)

✔️Variety Method (₹ 1000.00 Value)

✔️Body Memory To Learn Keywords In Seconds (₹ 3000.00 Value)

✔️How To Study In Spite Of Disturbances (₹ 3000.00 Value)

✔️MMS Technique To Learn Keywords (₹ 10,000.00 Value)

✔️How To Learn Difficult Words & History Dates (₹ 1,500.00 Value)

​✔️Special Session On Leadership Parenting - How To Plan Your Child's Life & Explore Other Opportunities (₹ 10,000.00 Value)

​​✔️Strategic Time Out To Lock In & Recall The Material In The Right Time (₹ 10,000.00 Value)

​​✔️MHM Technique To Learn 1&2 Marks Answers (₹ 10,000.00 Value)

​✔️Two 4 Tango - Learn Long Answers In A Single Reading (₹ 10,000.00 Value) 

​✔️6 Months Support Valued @ ₹50,000 @ ₹4,999 Only

✔️1 Years Support Valued ₹65,000 @ ₹6,499 Only

​✔️2 Years Support Valued ₹80,000 @ ₹7,999 Only

Total Value Of Great Achiever's Package:

You Get It ALL Today For:

₹17,499 /-


(That’s over 94% OFF!)

Or WhatsApp Us On 96326 60922

The Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions Are As Follows:


As The Investment Is Extremely Low For This Powerful Course, The Fees Are NON-REFUNDABLE Under Any Circumstance.

The NDA  Must Be Signed, Scanned & Sent To or WhatsApp It To- 96 326 609 22.


If The Parent Fails To Submit The NDA & Furnish The ID Proofs As Instructed, The Fees Will Not Be Refunded And Access To The Workshop Will Be Denied.


Rights Of Admission Reserved.

Participants Need To Have Their Videos On During The Entire Workshop

Please, Finish Your Assignments On Time.

Recording Or Taking Screenshots Is Not Permitted, Unless Given Explicit Instructions To Do So.


Any Legal Disputes Are Subject To Bengaluru Jurisdiction Only.

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