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The 5 Quick Stress Busters.

Updated: May 20, 2021

By MD Ahmed Founder- www.Fuel4Success.Com

This material is for information purposes only. Seek medical advice if needed. This is not medical advice.

Stress is emerging as the biggest and the most foolishly neglected crisis in today's fast-paced societies. The lifestyle we crave is burdening us with financial, work, business, and family pressures.

There's always too much month left at the end of the money! And so much to do in so little time!

Here are 5 quick ways to ease the pressure and alleviate stress.

1. Get off the grid.

Treat yourself like a VIP; you owe that to yourself. Get off the grid every day for at least an hour. Engage yourself in something that gives pleasure, something that you enjoy. Pick that book that is collecting dust and read it. Play the musical instrument you love, slip into the silky smooth soap and salted water in the bathtub, light those scented candles, and play the music your ears crave… Stay off the grid… turn off your smartphone and engage in these intelligent and soothing activities that are beneficial to your mental health.

2. Embrace change without resisting it.

The mind loves familiarity and resists change. Change can bring a lot of stress in people's lives. Just the thought of facing an unwanted change can push you towards stress.

You have to elevate your thinking and see change as a part of life… it's a constant that introduces us to a lot of variables that change!

Resisting or refusing change as a part of life can cause your stress levels to shoot up!

When you encounter change, remember that everything in life has two sides, no matter how thin you slice it. The change also has two sides to it, when you look at the negative side of it, it indeed will cause stress, but if you accept the fact that there is another side to it and find the positive and accept it, embrace it without resisting, then the change will change you for the better. It's not change that causes pain and stress; your refusal to accept it and see its positive side can harm you and cause lasting stress.

3. Take care of the pile!

There is always work that keeps piling up. Getting the curtains dry cleaned, AC, garden and vehicle maintenance, cleaning up the attic, ceiling, and the chandeliers, Sorting old clothes, and giving them, disposing of the junk.

The more we postpone this work, the more the pile grows, which adds to the stress levels. Make a list of all the pending chores on a piece of paper or use your phone's note-taking app.

Schedule what I call 'making room for positive energy' day. On this day, start early and dedicate the entire day to sorting and finishing these chores. Keep yourself hydrated, take short breaks, stretch your body every 30 minutes, avoid a big meal for lunch, and get these bothersome but necessary jobs. Once you finish these chores, you will feel a sigh of relief and also realize how enterprising you can be when you single-mindedly get behind things to finish them.

4. Give your brain some time to get uncluttered.

If you are in a demanding & stressful situation and if you've bitten more than you can chew or your boss has handed a wild horse for you to tame, it can be tough to find the solutions. You're amid a cloudburst, and it's difficult for you to take the usual path to solve the problems at hand. A good thing to do is to get some distance from your problems.

I'm not suggesting that you run away from them. Give your brain some time to clear the fog and gather thoughts that can help stir out of the situation with a solution. Take a day or two off, if possible. Get away from the familiar surroundings and go to a new place, someplace you Can unwind and relax. Keep away from gadgets and turn to the old-school way of writing notes in a journal. Carry the journal on your long walks or long relaxing hours and jot down any idea or thought that comes up. Remember, a calmer mind, thinking clearer, and clarifying is the key to solving your seemingly insurmountable problems.

5. Have a ‘ME’ (My Energy) Day

Plan and have a 'me' day every month. On this day, you escape from the busyness of everyday living and enjoy some relaxed time. Don't engage in physically draining activities. Do some light exercise or yoga, go for a swim, get a massage, indulge in a sauna or a steam experience. A jacuzzi can also help. Go to an open place, do some deep breathing exercises, avoid heavy food on this day. Keep smiling for no reason. Go for a long drive on the highways, start early to beat the traffic.


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The material and ideas shared are for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended for medical or professional help.




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