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New Approach Towards Career

Updated: May 20, 2021

What you and I, need to understand is what we learn in schools and colleges today, that curriculum is very difficult to apply in the world that we live. So, this can be a very important message for all the college students out there. There are 2 types of mindsets today, when we talk about college students.

#1: Certificate focused / Generalist mindset

This mindset is where a student believes that once he does his degree and that would be enough for him to settle his life or get a job in life. That is called the generalist mindset, let me just have this degree and everything would be fine. What you and I, need to understand is what we learn in schools and colleges today, that curriculum is very difficult to apply in the world that we live in. Because the curriculum that we have today at the time It was created that world does not exist anymore.

Does that mean to say that you just give up on colleges? Absolutely not.

Because there are certain things that colleges teach us that are definitely important and timeless. The thing that we can do in order to make sure that we succeed in life is, we need to go from having the certificate mind set towards what I call the specialist mind set.

#2: Specialist Mindset

What is a specialist mind set? A specialist mindset is the opposite of generalist mindset. A specialist mind is where you just don't work on grades but you work on mastering your areas of passion. For example, Let's say you are doing your mechanical engineering. You just don't look at grades and passing semesters. Instead, you master mechanical engineering or you master your software engineering or if you are studying journalism, you master journalism or psychology or law or whatever your subject is. You need to look at getting deep inside that subject. So that, you create very strong neural connections inside your brain for that particular field and that is when you become a master of your subjects. The moment you become a master, you become a specialist and specialists will rule the world tomorrow. Specialists will never run out of jobs. Once you are continuously improving yourself and you are also a specialist, then you will always be in demand. The market place will always need you and want you.

People who do not master their subjects and have very common knowledge that most of us have. How would that help you? How would you be in demand then?

Let me tell you, not everybody becomes a specialist or master their subjects because not everybody knows how to sit for hours together and concentrate on the subject that matter to us. That level of concentration and deep work is what is needed.

You also need to look at becoming what I call Jack of all trades and master of one. What I am asking you to do is you got to be Jack of all trades today, because the world has changed. And you got to be a master in one area of your professional life. Focus in one area and keep evolving in that area.

When I say jack of all trades, what do I mean by that?

The issues generalist mindset / certificate focused mindset students generally face are they are confused with their career path or they don't know what exactly what their employers want and how to gain those skills, they have bad money management skills, they have difficulty following assignments and deadlines, They are poor at building personal and professional relationships, they don't know how to handle procrastination and they lack money making skills. They don't know how to become financially free.

Now, what you should you do in order to become Jack of all trades and master of one?

#1: Learn how to attain mastery (learn how to do deep work).

#2: You have to learn how to become financially free and how to change bad habits. You need to discover your inner passions and learn how to make a career out of them.

Isn't it a good idea to know what is your purpose in life?

you also have to develop a winning mindset and the skills that are needed after your college life. Skills like, negotiation skills, relationship skills, team management skills, presentation skills, public speaking skills, money making skills and emotional intelligence. All these things a very critical. These are just not your extra-curricular activities. You have to take out time to develop these skills if you want to be relevant.

Yes, my work is known across very well that I am damn good at teaching students how to become a master in their subjects. My focus is not on helping you get more grades. In fact, it is more about teaching you how to master your subjects, doing deep work and also developing the skills that are very important. You can either choose to learn from me or anybody out there. To me what is important is you learn, you develop and you live your life to the fullest.

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