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7 Steps to Achieving Healthy Self-Esteem!

Updated: May 22, 2021

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Do you ever see someone who is perpetually happy and wish you could be like them? You CAN achieve a healthy self-esteem. But, it takes time and effort. Here are 7 steps to get started on your way!

The happiest people are those who do not judge others, live in kindness, and love themselves. Do you ever see someone who is perpetually sunny and wish you could be like them? You CAN achieve a healthy self-esteem. But, it takes time and effort. Following are seven steps to help you on your way to becoming a happier, healthier YOU.


One is not required to live by, have to, or I must in everything we do. It is a result of a decision or a choice. Choices made in our younger years and options were made this morning when we woke up. Everything is a choice: to obey or disobey; to study or not study; to eat right or not eat right. When making these choices, we control everything about our lives, including our future and our level of self-awareness. When you see a wise, confident, beautiful person, it is not luck; it is choice. Once you realize and accept this, you can only begin to become who you want to be. All of us have unique gifts and talents. Through self-discovery, we can identify these gifts. If we pay attention to who we are and what makes us happy, we will make the right choices to set our future.


Who are you? Look at yourself and be honest. Write on a piece of paper the things you like (Pros) and don't like (Cons) about you. If you are (and you should be) your own best friend, you should be able to take a look at the Cons and develop a plan to begin moving those negatives over to the positive side. Likewise, you should look at your Pros and develop a plan to make sure those positive attributes remain on the positive side and continue to grow on the inside AND the outside of you. As you work out a plan, try to find people with like personalities who share your same goals. These are the very people that will make great friends and help you stay on your set path.


Talk to yourself! Still using your list of Pros, begin reinforcing the positive attributes of your personality. For example, I am successful, I am pretty, and I am fun! Every positive thought should be repeated often. YOU are WHAT you THINK!!!


Forgive yourself for screw-ups! They happen to all of us! We are as imperfect as our bodies!! Give yourself a break, forgive and move on. You cannot change the past, but you can live in the present and affect the future!


Treat yourself right. Be a friend, a good listener, a giver, not a taker, and you will feel the best about yourself when you make someone else smile.


Gratitude will get you everywhere. Give thanks to your creator. Be humble in all you have. Pray for those with cold hearts or sad lives. Know that you have all of the gifts, talents, and things you possess. Here today, gone tomorrow, and if you live your life with gratitude and love, peace will always be in your presence.


Do not accept your fate dictated by others. Accept only the chance you give yourself. Through acts of kindness and focused determination, you can achieve all that is good in this life. When you believe in service and yourself, you can achieve anything. At that point, self-esteem is abundant, and so is your life.


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