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3 Tips To Kick Start Your Success

Updated: May 10, 2021

Hey there, I'm going to give you 3 tips that can help you kick-start your success.

Tip 1: Do not accept mediocrity / average results

Look around you, be it your exams, be it your life, how average is it?

If you feel that you can be do better. So, the first thing is start rejecting what you have. That doesn't mean to say that you throw your cell phone away, the phone that your dad bought, because you don't like it.

The tip here is do not accept average results or mediocrity into your life. Say 'YES' to greatness.

Tip 2: Do not talk about what you don't want in life.

For example: I don't want to fail in math or I don't want to fail in this particular subject or I don't want her to ditch me or I don't want my friends to betray me.

What happens here is, you and I need to understand that the brain does not understand negative language. For example, don't think of a yellow giraffe or don't think of yellow elephant. Now, what is your mind doing? Come on don't think of a yellow elephant.

You started thinking about the yellow elephant. What the brain does is it deletes the negative words. It takes "do not think" as think of a yellow elephant.

When you say, "I don't want to score less in exams" your brain understands it as "I want to score less in exams". When you say, "I don't want to fall sick" it takes it as "I want to fall sick".

You need to start reorienting yourself towards success by using Tip #3.

Tip 3: Convert negative statements into positive statements.

I'm not talking about positive thinking. For example, "I do not want to score bad in math" I don't want it to become "I want to score good in math". I want it to become "I am doing good in math, everyday in every way", "I am in experiencing great health, everyday in every way".

The moment you say, "I am good in Math" you brain is not going to agree with that because you are not. But then when you say, "I am becoming better in math, everyday in everyway", then your brain will accept it. Because even a small increase in your performance is also becoming better.

To sum this up, tip #1, do not accept mediocrity / being average.

Tip #2 don't just talk about what you do not want and tip #3, talk about what you want. You need to start thinking thoughts about your dream and your designers.

Do this for 7 days. Whenever you talk, talk about what you want and with confidence. The tonality should be of confidence. Knowing that you can and you will achieve whatever you want to. I'm not asking you to become arrogant, I want you to become confident. There is a difference.

Use these 3 tips for a week and then tell me how they actually helped you. Because I am sure, when you do this for at least a week you will start seeing good results in life. Hope this helps.

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