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2 Step Formula For Student's Success

Updated: May 20, 2021

Let's learn the 2E formula for students' success. The first thing that you need to understand is that more than 97% of the students believe that they do not achieve the desired results that they want to achieve in exams. They have got different problems. You forget in exams, poor grades, and you don't finish your schoolwork, your college work, procrastinate, and eventually feel overwhelmed.

How do you handle these problems? And is it possible to address these problems? The answer is definitely yes. You definitely can handle these problems. You can do well in your exams, increase your grades, master your subjects and kill procrastination.

How do we achieve all these things? I'm going to teach you the 2E formula. These are two secrets that can help you move ahead in life.

The 1st E stands for being Effective.

Many of you must have heard the word effective, but what does it mean for a student?

Being effective means:

  1. It would be best if you had a goal. You need to know which university you'll go to, decide on the top 5 universities.

  2. It would help if you decided on the timeline for all these goals. If you don't have a timeline, you will end up indulging in procrastination.

  3. Attain your goal in time. Being Effective is about attaining your goals on time.

How do we become effective?

To become effective, i.e., to achieve our goals on time, we need to look at the 2nd E.

The 2nd E stands for being Efficient.

Now, what is being efficient for a student?

Firstly, you need to understand that you have different resources at your disposal to achieve your goals.

What are these resources that can help you accelerate the process of goal achievement?

  1. Time. It is the most important resource that you have at your disposal.

  2. Then you have resources like, your brain, your human power, your school, your college, your teachers, books, internet connection, etc.

To be efficient means being able to maximize the usage of your resources. For example, your teacher can help you understand the subject matter, but you need to have the skill to absorb what the teacher is teaching. A lot of students do not connect with their teachers. They have their favorite teachers, and they have teachers that they don't understand no matter how well the teacher explains. You need to develop the skill of listening to the teacher, and once you create it, you need to execute it. That way, you will maximize the resource called your teacher. Now, let's talk about books. You need to know not only to read but read at faster levels and understand what you are reading at the same time.

You need to develop the skills, talents, abilities, methods, and techniques to maximize these resources' usage. It would be best if you had the techniques to tap into your brain's potential, the ways to learn more in less time.

Make sure you become efficient to become effective.

To achieve your goals on time, you need to know how to use the resources you have. You need to develop the skills to make use of your resources. Like time, you need to learn time management skills to make use of your time. It would help if you learned specific techniques to tap into your brain regions to understand your subjects better. You need to develop listening skills to absorb like a sponge in the class. These are the skills, techniques, and ideas you have to build and use every day.

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