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For Parents And Their Children Who Want To Excel In Academics & Get Into The Best Universities!

 Warning: This MasterClass Is Free As Of Now. The FREE Offer Is Ending Soon.  
Make Sure To Register, Show-Up & Use This Golden Opportunity.

Learn Directly From The Guinness World Record  Holder In Memory Power And Best Rated Author
- MD Ahmed 

Discover How My Proprietary 

 SuperKIDS SmartTEENS 

Study Framework Can Help Your Child

1. Master Subjects 

2. Score More In Exams 

3. Handle Distractions 

So That He/She Can Get Into One Of The Top Universities!"

Mastery Is More Important Than Marks!™
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Result-Oriented Advice For Sincere & Dedicated Students & Parents.

Limited Slots Available. Parents Attendance Mandatory Throughout The MasterClass.

Date: 3rd September (this Sunday) & timing as informed in the school.

60 Years Of Cumulative Experience. 

Changing The Lives Of Students & Parents Since 1999. 

Join the 1000s of students who are actively using our proprietary study framework 

to achieve massive success in exam and life.

.5 Million+  

Lives Touched


Hours of R&D


Presence In Countries


Star Rating On Google

Does Your Child Lack Focus...?

And Has One These Challenges?

  Finds Learning Boring And Difficult

✓ Lacks Motivation And Discipline

✓ Poor Performance In School/College

✓ Laziness

✓ Low Self-Esteem/Feels Shy 

✓ Addicted To Smartphone/TV/Computer

✓ Poor Time Management Skills

✓ Poor Relationship Skills With Family/Friends

✓ Exam/Stage Fear

✓ Studies Well But Has To Improve In Other Areas In Life

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To Know How You Can Help Your Child Handle These Issues

And Become A Topper In School/College & Life.

Attend The Powerful
Preview Super
KIDS SmartTEENS MasterClass 

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As Seen / Appeared On: 

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Venue: KC College (Colaba Campus) Auditorium, Apollo Bandar. 
 Make Sure To Be On Time For The MasterClass.

What Will I Learn In The Upcoming 

SuperKIDS SmartTEENS MasterClass?

150-180 Minutes Of Live Training By MD Ahmed- Intl' Author & Founder.

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This Preview MasterClass Exposes You My Proprietary SuperKIDS SmartTEENS 3 Step Study Framework. 


This Framework Has Helped Students Achieve Massive Academic & Personal Success. The Session Is Divided Into 5 Parts, Taught To You On The Same Day.

Session #1: “Understand The Psychological Reason Behind Your Undesired Results In Exams And What You Can Do To Produce Desired Results. You Can Also Aim At Cracking Any Exam, Once You Understand This Secret.”

Session #2: “Uncover The #1 Mistake That Gives Rise To Negative/Debilitating/Bad/Useless Habits Or Behaviors.

Session #3: “Ever Wondered Why Your Child Goes Off To Sleep Or Wanders Away 'Mentally' During Study Hours? In This Session, You'll Learn How To Help Your Child Use A Brain-Science Secret To Increase Academic & Personal Performance.”

Session #4: Unveils A Brief Introduction To The 7 Pillars Of Super-Study-Skills (SKST Study Framework)That Help Absorb The Material & Master ANY Subject To Score More For Sure.”

Who Is MD Ahmed?

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"There Are No Average Students, Only Average Learning And Teaching Methods."- MD Ahmed


MD Ahmed Is The Guinness World Record Holder (Display Of Mental Strength, Memory And Concentration Power), Life Strategist, Best-Rated Author And The Founder Of Fuel4Success.Com & Mind Masters Located In Bangalore And London, Catering To The Learning Requirements Of Individuals & Organizations Across The Globe.


He Is The Inventor Of Total Recall System & Flash Reading- These Inventions Help Average Students Become Toppers & Transform Distinction Holders Into Rank Holders.


He has Trained & Mentored VPs & MDs Of Multinational Corporations, Top Govt. Officers, Doctors, Project Managers, Business People, Homemakers, And Students.


He Is Also The Pioneer Of The Fire Walking Movement In India!

He Organized & Led One Of the Biggest Seminars On Brain Power, Study Skills & Behavior Change- More Than 3500 People Were A Part Of This Mega Event!


He Is The Author Of "Hidden Secrets Of The Topper's Mind," An International Book Available In More Than A 100 Countries With 4.9 Star Rating On Google Books and 4.7 On Amazon.


His Purpose In Life Is To Impart Profound Knowledge To More Than A Billion People, Regardless Of Race, Caste, Creed & Religion.


His Motto In Life Is- Love All, Serve All.


Please Note: MD Ahmed Is Not A Medical Doctor And The Programs Offered By Him Are Not Medical Treatments.


What Are Others Already Saying About 

SuperKIDS SmartTEENS Study Framework?

"After This Workshop, I Can Control My Distraction, Thoughts & Feelings."

- Sharanya Singh

A student of Navy Children's School, Vizag.

"I Went From Scoring 40-50% To 80% In My Final Exams."

- Shyama

A student of Baldwin's Girls School, Bangalore.

"What Used To Take My Son 3 Weeks To Learn, Took Only 60 Minutes Using SuperKIDS SmartTEENS Framework!

I'm Very Happy."

- Jasmeet Kaur

Teacher, Kolkatta.

"I Learnt, Understood & Recalled 92 Pages From Economics In Only 12 Hours And That Too Without Taking My Teachers Help!"

- Ayesha

A student of Prestige School, Mangalore.

Experience Sharing Of SuperKIDS SmartTEENS™ Preview MasterClass

Please, go through the guidelines below before registering to the MasterClass.


Guidelines Created To Benefit You & Your Child: 

  • Entry Will Be Granted Only To Students (9-19 Years Of Age) Accompanied By At Least 1 Parent. The Parent Must Accompany The Child Throughout The Program.

  • Dress Appropriately.

  • Eating Is Strictly Prohibited During The MasterClass.

  • Audio & Video Recording Is Not Allowed.

  • ​We strongly recommend you carry a book and a pen to make notes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if, for some reason, I am unable to attend the MasterClass?

Please, make sure you do not miss this opportunity. And if, for some reason, you miss the MasterClass, just let us know, and we will try to accommodate you in the next session at NO extra cost. 

Will I be offered more learning opportunities at the end of the MasterClass?

Yes, we will create result-oriented learning opportunities that you can choose to invest in at the end of the MasterClass. We will not push you into buying anything. In the 3 hours that you spend with us, we will create so much value that you will want to explore the other research-based learning opportunities.

The Terms & Conditions:

Rights Of Admission Reserved.

Recording Or Taking Screenshots Is Not Permitted Unless Given Explicit Instructions To Do So.

The Terms & Conditions End Here.

Any Legal Disputes Are Subject To Bengaluru Jurisdiction Only.

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