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MD's Advance Level


How Would You Like 14 Of My Very Own Modules

(The Same Training That Has Helped My Students Get Into Stanford, Cornell Tech, IIT And Other Top Medical Colleges, Without Going To Coaching Classes)

That Teach You Highly-Guarded SUCCESS SECRETS...

When You Invest In This:

✔ MD's Advance Level (This Course Helps You Understand, Memorize & Recall A 250 Pages Textbook In Less Than 10 Days) (Valued At ₹1,45,000)

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You'll Get 10x Peak Performance & Success Secrets For Students Training... For FREE!!!

✔  Workshop On Goal Setting For Students  (₹16,000 Value)

  The Ultimate Exam Planner (₹3,000 Value)

  Behavior Modification Technique (₹10,000 Value)

  Learning Diagrams & Maps (₹5,000 Value)

  Workshop On Time Management For Students (₹3,000 Value)

  Advance Super Study Strategies (₹2,000 Value)

  Alpha Brain Waves To Absorb Subject Matter (₹3,000 Value)

  Magical Wall To Attack Difficult Subjects (₹3,000 Value)

  Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy For Long Term Success (₹3,000 Value)

  Advance Strategies For Laser-Sharp Focus (₹19,000 Value)

  Career Guidance (₹16,000 Value)

Total Value: ₹2,28,000
You Get It ALL For Just:




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(That's over 88% OFF!)

Warning: This Is An One Time Offer. After This Batch The Investment Is Getting Revised To ₹79,999 + GST. But Right Now You Get It @ ₹79,999 + GST.

When You Invest In "MD's Advance Level" Today (Just ₹79,999), I'll Give You The ENTIRE 10x Peak Performance & Success Training For Students Today For FREE!

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MD's Advance Level

Learn From The Best, And You Will Achieve The Best!

The Only Agenda Of This Program Is Mastery Of Textbbooks.

Get The Edge That No Other Students Have. We Call It The Unfair Advantage!

What Is The Point Studying For Months Together When Your Brain Is Capable Of Mastering 250+ Pages In Only 10 Days, That Too Without Any Stress.

Click On The Registration Button To Join The Top 1% Of Super Achievers.

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Module #1:
Advance Accelerated Learning

Learn advance method of strategically understanding, storing and recalling entire text books with page numbers. 

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80% To 98% In Board Exams.

"I used to score 80% during my school days. After learning the advance techniques, I scored 98% in my board exams without coaching classes. I can consume all kinds of books using these techniques."
- Rashmitha

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Module #2:
Distraction Control Technique

How to upgrade your mindset, beliefs and behaviors. A step-by-step understanding and process of changing your belief to activate your hidden potential. 


World-famous scientist's secret

+ Leading psychological tools

+ Ancient martial arts technique

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I Memorized 202 Pages Of My Organic Chemistry Book

"I memorized 202 pages of my organic chemistry book in less than 16 hours. I recall every page and I even know where the diagrams are. Never thought this is possible. Thanks to MD sir for activating my brain's potential."
- Suryateja

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Module #3:
Flash Reading

Learn how to activate your subconscious mind and capture two pages per second. This is the subconscious capturing of 30,000 words per minute.


I Started Scoring 100/100 In Math

"I started scoring 100/100 in math, a subject I kept failing in and cracked IIT using the advance techniques. I did not go to any coaching classess only these techniques have helped me,"
- Huzaiffa

Underground secrets of scientists revealed.

The most comprehensive course on students' academic success on earth.

You were born to win and do great things.

Get All These Sessions (FREE Training) When You Register In MD's Advance Level Today!

✔  Session 1: Behavior modification technique (Zoom-Zoop) to instantly change unwanted habits. This is an advance technique based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. And sir being the master practitioner of NLP brings this powerful tool to the students.

✔  Session 2: For the first time ever, sir has taken Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory one step ahead. He teaches students how they can use this famous theory to plan and strategize their life to achieve balance and massive success.

✔  Session 3: Learn the secret of a person who went from living on the streets to cracking the entrance test of Harvard and also winning a scholarship and how you can apply it.

✔  Session 4: This session teaches you a thinking pattern that guarantees short and long-term success. The sky is the only limit, once you apply this pattern. It will help you move forward towards your goals, no matter how hard and difficult the path may seem.

✔  Session 5: The brain experiences 4 primary states. These are called brain waves and getting into the Alpha Brain Waves while studying is supremely important for studies. You'll have higher levels of creativity, your problem-solving ability increases, you'll see an increase in memory and focus, you'll start learning more in very less time, you'll tap into your genius abilities and reap other benefits.

✔  Session 6: Time management workshop - The Best Time Management Tool, ever! Very few people understand the importance of setting goals in the right way. In this session, you'll be taken through a time management strategy that is taught at top MNC's and how you as a student can make use of it to excel not only in exams but also in life. It also helps you understand the importance of setting goals and reveals what must be done to accelerate the achievement of goals.


✔  Session 7: The ultimate exam planner! A very strategic way to approach studies and how to plan your studies based on the techniques you have learnt. How to study the toughest subjects and crack them. This is one of the most powerful study strategies that a handful of people know in the world. It is like playing chess with your studies and winning it.

✔  Session 8: Goal setting workshop an in-depth course in goal setting that even Harvard might have missed it. Learning and executing this makes it impossible for you to not achieve your goals in life.

✔  Session 9: You may have a goal and you may have a plan to achieve that goal. But there is one critical step that makes all the difference. Unless you make that step your chances of achieving that goal are almost zero. Learn the difference that makes the difference.

✔  Session 10: You will be learning the advance super strategies for effective learning. This is based on international research. A lot of students in the developed nations are using it. It is time for you to learn and start using it to maintain the edge.

✔  Session 11: Magical Wall - How to target an entire difficult subject or a specific topic in that subject, to crack and master it.

✔  Session 12: Learning diagrams from the textbook is a breeze. learn the 5 step process to memorize and recall diagrams like a scientist/ researcher.

✔  Session 13: How to learn maps from geography. The sure-shot way to learn maps.

The Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions Are As Follows:


As The Investment Is Extremely Low For This Powerful Course, The Fees Are NON-REFUNDABLE Under Any Circumstance.

The NDA  Must Be Signed, Scanned & Sent To or WhatsApp It To- 96 326 609 22.


Rights Of Admission Reserved.

Participants Need To Have Their Videos On During The Entire Workshop

Please, Finish Your Assignments On Time.

Recording Or Taking Screenshots Is Not Permitted, Unless Given Explicit Instructions To Do So.


Any Legal Disputes Are Subject To Bengaluru Jurisdiction Only.

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