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Dr. MD's H.A.T.S. Meditation

If you haven't watched the first part of Dr. MD's H.A.T.S. method, click the link below and watch it now.


  • Do not listen to this guided meditation while driving or operating machinery.

  • Listen to this wearing ear/headphones.

  • Lie down and make yourself comfortable. 

  • Make sure no one disturbs you while you are listening to the alpha tape. If you get disturbed, start the tape again. 

Please Note:

  • This audio program is based on individual research and self-study in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning & Mind Power. 

  • Our courses have produced excellent results who have made use of the material. 

  • Our services are NOT medical/psychiatric/ psychological treatments. 

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Guided H.A.T.S. Meditation.
Transform Emotions, Manifest Dreams: Master Your Mind with the H.A.T.S. Method.
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